вторник, 23 септември 2008 г.

* * *

"I'll write. Every day."
"It's a sort of test, really. We'll see how much we miss each other."
"I know what it's like when people go away. It's agony for a week, then painful for a week, then you begin to forget, and then it seems as if it never happened, it happened to someone else, and you start shrugging. You say, dingo, it's life, that's the way things are. Stupid things like that. As if you haven't really lost something for ever."
"I shan't forget. I shan't ever forget."
"You will. And I will."
"We've got to go on living. However sad it is."
After a long while she said, "I don't think you know what sadness is."

John Fowles, The Magus